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Escuela: Ricardo Flores Magon

Stormy/Caleb, Hunter, and I set out for San Marcos Arteaga on Monday morning. We tried to find the combi station from Thomas’ oral directions but eventually ended up jumping in a cab (which was roughly the same price). It was another lovely ride through the mountains for about an hour.

Volunteers at San Marcos Arteaga. @coreylatislaw.com

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Mobile, Marketing and Ecommerce Trends

Philly Tech Week is a week-long celebration that unites technologist across varied disciplines. The events range from playing pong on the side of skyscraper to hacking space apps to the future of music and everything in-between. The events typically bring together a cross section of the local tech scene.

On Friday, I spoke on the panel “Native Apps, Responsive Web Development and the New Mobile Ecosystem” at the sold-out Mobile, Marketing and Ecommerce Trends event. In a two part series, I will share the questions asked and my thoughts on each. I’d love to hear your feedback and hope to see you at a future event.

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Living the Agile Way

Agile software development helps a team focus on the most important tasks to accomplish a shared goal. Jason and I both use the methodology at work and have adapted the process to our daily living. We’ve become much more productive at both work and home and have used the process outlined below to plan our wedding, two moves, and career goals!

We are the “business owners” who decide what the most important tasks are to accomplish at any given moment. The tasks are prioritized in order of importance, which is based on our values and short to mid-term goals. Each weekend “sprint” we pick a theme, or a set of “user stories” (e.g. unpack kitchen, improve financial process, prep food for the week, plan a camping trip).

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