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Women Techmakers + LadyHacks

I was a mentor and project lead today the Women Techmakers + LadyHacks hackathon this weekend. LadyHacks follows the model of a civic hackathon, which emphasizes creating projects for the greater good. This event is a partnership between the Philadelphia GDG (I’m the organizer [grew out of the Android Alliance]) and LadyHacks for International Women’s Day!

LadyHacks is a community event for women of all skill levels to work collaboratively on projects using technology to provide solutions. Beginners, tech-curious, and experienced developers all attended and shared their knowledge and skills while working on projects that they are passionate about.

LadyHacks work room. (2014) @coreylatislaw.com

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Android 101, Class 4

Instead of focusing on styling in yesterday’s class, we focused on the Java code to make the calculator work. We’ve moved the styling lab and material to today’s class. If you were having trouble with the calculator portion of the class – do not dispair! Download the latest code from the classroom example so you can follow along with the styling lab today.

If you haven’t finished last week’s homework, don’t be discouraged! Join us at project night! Also, I will be posting my finished application so you can see how I implemented the project.

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Why I’m Not Attending the Philly Geek Awards

Although I love the idea of highlighting geeky leaders and businesses that make a difference in this city, I’m disappointed that the mobile community has been undeserved for two years running.

Last year there was a category to recognize the best iOS app of the year. I found out about the event rather late and mounted an unsuccessful campaign to get an Android category on the roster. Although defeated, I was encouraged about the future, because the organizers promised to have a category the following year to highlight all platforms.

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Mobile Lightning!

Interested in mobile technologies? Want to learn from leaders in Philadelphia? Join us on Tuesday, April 24th for fast-paced evening of lightning talks. These five minute talks will cover Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and mobile web topics.

This event is part of Philly Tech Week and hosted by the Android Alliance and PhillyCocoa. This event couldn’t happen without generous sponsorship from Chariot Solutions and Seed Philly. The event will provide dinner and drinks during and/or following the event.

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Event Report: Android Alliance – May Meeting

The arrival of pizza around 6:00 sparked conversations among the 38 geeks in attendance as they mingled and served themselves. We continued informal networking until 6:30, which gave plenty of time for stragglers to arrive before the meeting proper. This worked well and I plan to follow a similar pattern for future meetings.

Meeting Slides

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Game Loop Philly Highlights

Although I don’t plan to start a career in game development, I attended the Game Loop Philly un-conference today. I thought I’d feel a little out of place, but I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of topics. Each session was applicable to either my work or personal life and I met a lot of great people! Here are the highlights from the sessions I attended today.

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Event Report: Android Alliance Kick Off

The energy was palpable at the kick off of the Android Alliance at National Mechanics (the local geek bar) on Tuesday.  We had a good mix of developers, testers, designers, recruiters, and companies. Several local meetup leaders attended and we’re talking about partnerships for future events!

I expected a decent turnout, but was stunned by the 50+ in attendance! I was also impressed by the female:male ratio, it was a much closer reflection to industry (approximately 20%) than other meetups I’ve attended.

We’re off to a great start and I’m looking forward to the next event!

Did you attend? Who’d you meet?

How often would you like meetups like this? What kind of events would you like to see in the future?