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Lunes en Oaxaca

Si se lo perdiste, escribí un blog de mi viaje a Oaxaca y mi primero día en la cuidad.

En lunes, desayunamos con Hermes y otro programador que trabaja con él. Entonces exploré algunos sitios en Alcala, una pasarela pedestre desde el zócalo (un parque en el centro de la cuidad es como las plazas de armas en Suramérica) a la iglesia. Hay muchos tiendas, museos, gallerías, etc.

Visité el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo y disfruté la exposición de Sonoplastia. Fue un poco extraño mezcla entre sonidos y arte, pero me gustó muchas exposiciones. Tengo un video aquí.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo en Oaxaca, Mexico. @coreylatislaw.com

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Women Techmakers + LadyHacks

I was a mentor and project lead today the Women Techmakers + LadyHacks hackathon this weekend. LadyHacks follows the model of a civic hackathon, which emphasizes creating projects for the greater good. This event is a partnership between the Philadelphia GDG (I’m the organizer [grew out of the Android Alliance]) and LadyHacks for International Women’s Day!

LadyHacks is a community event for women of all skill levels to work collaboratively on projects using technology to provide solutions. Beginners, tech-curious, and experienced developers all attended and shared their knowledge and skills while working on projects that they are passionate about.

LadyHacks work room. (2014) @coreylatislaw.com

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Inspiration & Vision, Assignment 1

I just started Project Basho’s six month Inspiration and Vision photography course. I’m very excited to see where it will take my photography and self-expression!

I took their Foundations of Digital Photography course last year just after starting my sabbatical. It was a dedicated 6 weeks, but unfortunately it was during the winter (minus snow), so I wasn’t as happy with how my photos turned out. However, it made a huge difference when I set out for South America last February and  has increased my technical and photo processing abilities.


Here’s a selection of my favorites, check out the full photoset on Flickr!

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ETE Preview

I’ll be speaking at the Emerging Technology for the Enterprise conference about fragments, why you should be using them, and more importantly how to start today.

Here’s a good place to start if you will be unable to join me or want to read ahead.

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Recycled Electronic Jewelry Class

I took my first class today at The Hacktory. I found the class through Skillshare. It was fun and definitely worth the $20 in materials alone. Plus it was also a good excuse to spend some time exercising the creative side!

I’m bummed that I left the choker. It was made with the same rainbow wire as the belt and bracelet, but had no processor glued on.

Can you guess all the electronic parts?

Belated Event Report: Random Hacks of Kindness

I attended my first Random Hacks of Kindness event on June 4, 2011. I am very interested in the concept of hacking for the benefit of person-kind, but unfortunately I couldn’t commit to the entire weekend. I violated the spirit of the hackathon by mostly focusing on my own work tasks … but I did contribute my Python knowledge and project management skills. I worked on the reachability of Tor relays listed on the EFF’s relay challenge webpage. Watch the video roundup here.

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Strategies for Cooking Every Meal

In the last few years my husband and I have made cooking our own meals a priority – typically from scratch. Being open and willing to try new foods, recipes, and techniques for prepping food will help you discover (or rediscover) the joy of cooking.

Here’s a our strategies for getting through the busy week and still eating healthy, local, and organic.

Sign up for a CSA

CSA’s are wonderful! Where else can you get fresh in-season food at a good price from a farmer that you know? Also, the volume of food that you recieve at once helps you plan the following week.

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