Adventures In Canning

Our CSA was running a special on Romas – $1 a pound in 25 pound increments … and my husband decided to buy 2!

Luckily we have fantastic friends who will work for tomato products.

Juggling Tomatoes

We washed all tomatoes and sorted them into questionable and beautiful.

Washing Tomatoes and Sorting them.

We started with the sun-dried(ish) tomatoes and sliced enough tomatoes to fill up both cookie sheets and all 6 dehydrator trays.

Dehydrating Tomatoes

Next we chopped the rest of the tomatoes. We started a slow cooker full of red sauce and set to making the marinara sauce.

Chopping Tomatoes

We followed Food in Jars’ recipe and used 9 pounds for each round of sauce (yields 4 pints per round).

Marinara Recipe, Food in Jars.

We used the food mill to process the sauce before simmering for a while. The flesh that didn’t make it through we ground into a paste with the immersion blender and froze. We  had left over tomatoes and made patatas bravas and sauce.

Marinara & Patatas Bravas



  • 8 pints marinara sauce
  • 4 pints dehydrated tomatoes in oil
  • 4 ½ pint oven dried tomatoes in oil
  • 1 gallon chopped fresh tomatoes


  • 2 quarts tomato paste
  • 2 quarts marinara
  • 2 quarts basic red sauce
  • 1 quart bravas sauce (we ate the other quart!)
 On top of all those products, we still had a gallon bag full!
Final Yield of Tomatoes

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