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Escuela: Ricardo Flores Magon

Stormy/Caleb, Hunter, and I set out for San Marcos Arteaga on Monday morning. We tried to find the combi station from Thomas’ oral directions but eventually ended up jumping in a cab (which was roughly the same price). It was another lovely ride through the mountains for about an hour.

Volunteers at San Marcos Arteaga.

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Thanksgiving Food Traditions

Although I am grateful for many things, I’m also sad to spend a second Thanksgiving without my dad (who passed the Sunday before Thanksgiving last year).

I’m thankful he passed on the cooking gene, that I spent many long hours in the kitchen with him, that many of his food traditions live on through me, and that cooking is a passion that Jason and I share.

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Strategies for Cooking Every Meal

In the last few years my husband and I have made cooking our own meals a priority – typically from scratch. Being open and willing to try new foods, recipes, and techniques for prepping food will help you discover (or rediscover) the joy of cooking.

Here’s a our strategies for getting through the busy week and still eating healthy, local, and organic.

Sign up for a CSA

CSA’s are wonderful! Where else can you get fresh in-season food at a good price from a farmer that you know? Also, the volume of food that you recieve at once helps you plan the following week.

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Hello Philadelphia

Up until last year, I’ve always lived in the south and in the suburbs. In this now-foreign lifestyle, a car was a requirement. If you didn’t have one, you probably didn’t have a job. You drove everyday to work, shops, and even parks. Public transportation, bicycle paths, and safe sidewalks were non-existent. Conservation, recycling, and other green practices weren’t valued (and often mocked).

Love Park
Love Park Statue

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