Android Activity + Theory Books

Want to learn to develop Android applications like the pros?

The Android Activity Book gives you hands on practice while Android Theory Book book serves as a reference when encountering new topics.  For Android beginners, it is best to pair these books.

The  Android Activity Book walks you through building a calculator from scratch.  You’ll learn how to:

  • create and build an Android project.
  • build and style the user interface.
  • handle user interactions.
  • calculate results from user input.
  • test expected behavior using Robolectric.
  • scale to the multitude of Android devices.

The Android Theory Book covers:

  • Android Studio and its tools.
  • Android project structure and underlying architecture.
  • Android application building blocks.
  • The resource and styling system.
  • How to manage the activity and fragment lifecycles.


Download a free sample of the Android Activity Book.
Sample Screenshot

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