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Keynote Brainstorming: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

This article is part of my series for preparing a keynote, check out the full series.

It’s tough to find a balance between a topic that is technical enough, but not too technical! Here’s some questions I ask myself when I brainstorming keynote topics:

  1. What are the trends I am seeing in my area of focus? Technology as a whole?
  2. What’s broken in technology? How should we fix it?
  3. What soft skills do I wish others had? What’s made the most impact in my career?
  4. What has been recently released that I am interested in learning more about? Does it have wider implications outside of my focus area?
  5. What’s interesting from my background that’s not common to other technologists? Can I draw parallels?

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Getting Started with the Android Community

I’ve been teaching Android at Facebook University for the last few weeks and having a ball! It’s been so inspiring to be around bright-eyed students who are hungry to learn about Android and helps dissipate any jaded feelings you have building up.

The program takes interns (generally from underrepresented groups) and teaches them how to Android for 3 weeks. After they learn from me (and Mike Wolfson in Seattle), they spend several weeks making their own app and compete for the best application.

I’ve been reflecting on my own career in Android and the community that makes it such a vibrant place to be. I created a list on the board to share with the students, but wanted to make it easier to join the community, so here you go! Continue reading Getting Started with the Android Community

KnitCon 2017: Public Speaking 101

I’m teaching a workshop today at KnitCon!

I will be leading an updated version of the workshop I originally gave at Barcamp Philly 2014 and several times over the years. I love giving this workshop because people get so excited by the end and walk away with concrete next steps.

Check out the updated materials here:

The materials based on the work of Julie Pagano and Write/Speak/Code.

Working Managers

I came across this article (Work at different management levels) in by Lara Hogan. It does a great job of breaking down what a manager does at different levels in an organization. If you ever thought your bosses do nothing — this is worth the read!

I’ve been a mixed individual contributor (IC++) and manager for several years. Even when I was supposedly a full time IC, I found myself doing tasks outside of my job responsibilities like mentoring, teaching, architecting, defining process, project managing, managing clients, managing engineers, writing specs, influencing strategy, interviewing candidates, and recruiting.

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