Keynote Brainstorming: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

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It’s tough to find a balance between a topic that is technical enough, but not too technical! Here’s some questions I ask myself when I brainstorming keynote topics:

  1. What are the trends I am seeing in my area of focus? Technology as a whole?
  2. What’s broken in technology? How should we fix it?
  3. What soft skills do I wish others had? What’s made the most impact in my career?
  4. What has been recently released that I am interested in learning more about? Does it have wider implications outside of my focus area?
  5. What’s interesting from my background that’s not common to other technologists? Can I draw parallels?

Bonus Tip: I use mind maps and sketchnotes to help help with free association. I find that I can come up with more creative topic ideas. Try it and see where it takes you!

What methods do you use for topic generation? Share in the comments!

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