Escuela: Ricardo Flores Magon

Stormy/Caleb, Hunter, and I set out for San Marcos Arteaga on Monday morning. We tried to find the combi station from Thomas’ oral directions but eventually ended up jumping in a cab (which was roughly the same price). It was another lovely ride through the mountains for about an hour.

Volunteers at San Marcos Arteaga.

We tried to follow Thomas’ directions once again in San Marcos, but we decided to go to the school/town hall and ask around instead. The police picked us up … and drove us to his house.

Traveling around San Marcos Arteaga with the group.

What a pretty little town full of color!

San Marcos streets during the day.

We visited our 3rd school, Ricardo Flores Magon. The school size was in between 18 de Marzo and Manuel Gonzalez Gatica.

Ricardo Flores Magon School (2014).

The lab was in pretty good shape, much better than Manuel Gonzalez Gatica (which was updated quite a bit when I was at this school). We updated the computers that we could and dropped off a new projector. They mostly had laptops which were fairly recent. Today (Tuesday, 10 June) other volunteers complimented their lab with 4 new computers and we’ll flesh out their network later this week.

Sale de Computo. (Computer Lab)

The kids were again very excited see us and Hunter especially drew a crowd. He borrowed my Google Glass to try it out and I showed the computer teacher how to use them.

Demoing Google Glass at the Ricardo Flores Magon school.

When I got back to the hotel, I went to the phone store to see about my now very broken Nexus 5. It was very expensive to fix, so I bought a cheap little Android phone instead. I figure it will be a good test device since it was so small and great for future trips.

Later we went out for a team dinner at this lovely little place at the top of the nearby hills (great view of the city). You select your toppings from what she has that evening and she makes it fresh in front of your eyes! I had huitlacoche mixed with onions and mushrooms. Another great option is flor de la calabaza (pumpkin flowers). Yum!

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