Escuela: 18 de Marzo

We visited our first school, 18 de Marzo, on Wednesday. When we arrived the students were watching a movie on a projector! The teacher quickly rushed the kids out to the school yard to let us start working and to tell us about the current state of the lab.

18 de Marzo students before recess (2014).

Volunteers in the computer lab at 18 de Marzo school in Mexico.

We took an install disc to try out on one computer as a test run (turns out we were missing a step to install the educational material and games with the updated OS). They had around 20 working computers that the kids love using for games and educational material.

We joined the kids for recess and ate lunch with the director of the school. Alex and Hunter played soccer with the kids.

Futbol and Volunteers at the 18 de Marzo school.

They get a lot of use out of the lab during the school day and the community uses the computers and the projector in the evening.

Students and teacher at the 18 de Marzo school.

The kids were very happy to see us and very curious! It’s not often that they see extranjeros – let alone someone with Google Glass!

Student playing educational games on a newly reformatted PC.

When we got back to the hotel we spent the evening installing the games and educational material on the new computers. Javier and his son joined us later that evening and we went out for a team dinner. When we got back to the hotel, we played more Scrabble Dados to pass the time while it was pouring (it’s the rainy season).

I hurt my back on the first day (moving computers around), so I didn’t join the team on Thursday. They returned to the school with all the correct install media and 4 of the new computers. They updated as many computers as they could and set up the new ones. We’ll return next week when we get the networking equipment and set up Rachel server and a copy of offline Wikipedia en español.

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