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Martes: 18 de Marzo

Stormy, Avni, Hermes, Fernando, and I went back to 18 de Marzo to set up the networking, install more new computers (for a grand total of 9), and try upgrading the older computers with different methods. We also brought a Mac laptop and networking equipment to create a local network that would have access to Rachel, Khan Academy, and Wikipedia content.

Originally we were using CDs to install the OS and a USB flash drive with games and educational material. Several of the CD drives wouldn’t work or we couldn’t switch up the boot order. Avni made bootable USBs and that worked on several of the computers. We also had an external CD/DVD drive. Most of the computers were upgraded, but we had to stick with the older version for 2-3 of the computers.

Finally, we pulled aside a few of the computers to move to Manuel Gonzalez Gatica the following day.

Martes a 18 de Marzo. Kids working on computers. @coreylatislaw.com

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