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Belated Event Report: Random Hacks of Kindness

I attended my first Random Hacks of Kindness event on June 4, 2011. I am very interested in the concept of hacking for the benefit of person-kind, but unfortunately I couldn’t commit to the entire weekend. I violated the spirit of the hackathon by mostly focusing on my own work tasks … but I did contribute my Python knowledge and project management skills. I worked on the reachability of Tor relays listed on the EFF’s relay challenge webpage. Watch the video roundup here.

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Living the Agile Way

Agile software development helps a team focus on the most important tasks to accomplish a shared goal. Jason and I both use the methodology at work and have adapted the process to our daily living. We’ve become much more productive at both work and home and have used the process outlined below to plan our wedding, two moves, and career goals!

We are the “business owners” who decide what the most important tasks are to accomplish at any given moment. The tasks are prioritized in order of importance, which is based on our values and short to mid-term goals. Each weekend “sprint” we pick a theme, or a set of “user stories” (e.g. unpack kitchen, improve financial process, prep food for the week, plan a camping trip).

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