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Intro to Programming

Welcome to my intro to programming class! I am teaching today through GirlDevelopIt and in the future will be teaching through Skillshare. If you are unable to make it today, please join me in April! The Skillshare classes will have a smaller class size, more time to Play with Alice, and a focused learning environment.

We will be using Alice 3.1 to teach fundamental programming concepts. It is a nice tool because it helps you learn the fundamentals in a visual way without the headache of programming syntax (the way you write the lines of code so that a computer can read them).

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Android 101: A Crash Course

Chariot Solutions, my new employer, has a nifty day of learning called Chariot Day. This Saturday, Charioteers will give 45 minute presentations on a broad spectrum of topics, including enterprise Java techniques, mobile, and Arduinos.

Originally I had planned to use it as practice for my Philly ETE talk, but instead I’m trying out material for my Skillshare class (which I can also use for my Android Girl Develop It class).

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Recycled Electronic Jewelry Class

I took my first class today at The Hacktory. I found the class through Skillshare. It was fun and definitely worth the $20 in materials alone. Plus it was also a good excuse to spend some time exercising the creative side!

I’m bummed that I left the choker. It was made with the same rainbow wire as the belt and bracelet, but had no processor glued on.

Can you guess all the electronic parts?