Android 101: A Crash Course

Chariot Solutions, my new employer, has a nifty day of learning called Chariot Day. This Saturday, Charioteers will give 45 minute presentations on a broad spectrum of topics, including enterprise Java techniques, mobile, and Arduinos.

Originally I had planned to use it as practice for my Philly ETE talk, but instead I’m trying out material for my Skillshare class (which I can also use for my Android Girl Develop It class).

It’s an immersive 45 minute dive into Android. At the end of the session the students will have a simple Doctor Who app. The app displays a Tardis and greeting. Clicking on the Tardis takes you inside with a separate greeting. Clicking on the inside of the Tardis shows your favorite Doctor Who quote. I also created a tablet version with these two views side by side.

It’ll cover these foundation topics:

  • XML layouts
  • Themes, styles, drawables, & strings
  • Click/event handling
  • Starting a new activity
  • Specifying an icon for the app
  • Fragments & tablet version (if time)

This session works best if the participants have already installed the SDK and have a physical or virtual device. If the class is for total beginners, I’d start with a 45 minute SDK download and installation session.

By the way, here’s my favorite pics for the app:

4 thoughts on “Android 101: A Crash Course

  1. Hi! Can you please make this available here? I graduated in IT last year but we were not taught either Android or Java, only C, C++ and C#, and now I was made a challenge to present an app for a local company that his hiring.
    I really need to learn this as employment is very difficult here in Portugal.
    Thanks in advance!

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