Inspiration & Vision, Assignment 1

I just started Project Basho’s six month Inspiration and Vision photography course. I’m very excited to see where it will take my photography and self-expression!

I took their Foundations of Digital Photography course last year just after starting my sabbatical. It was a dedicated 6 weeks, but unfortunately it was during the winter (minus snow), so I wasn’t as happy with how my photos turned out. However, it made a huge difference when I set out for South America last February and  has increased my technical and photo processing abilities.


Here’s a selection of my favorites, check out the full photoset on Flickr!

Assignment 1

  1. Take or convert to black and white. This helps remove distractions and focus more on construction, form, shape, and story.
  2. Focus on structure. Take time composing the image, really study and experiment with your subject.
  3. View your photos upside down. This makes you focus on the abstract and see other shapes and forms in your photos.
  4. Shoot more than one photo. Don’t choose one subject after another (snapshots), take about 30 photos of each subject you choose.

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