DIY Photography Journal

DIY Photo Journal

Since it’s such a beautiful day, I want to take the bike and get some shots. I unsuccessfully searched the house this morning for a small notebook, so I decided to make my own. I’m not the best at hand-drawn art, so I searched Google Images to find this image of a Nikon Camera. I created a Pages document because it’s easier than Word for laying out multiple copies of something on the same sheet. My Template is generic enough for any type of journal with a few quick updates.

Construction Time: 15-30 minutes 


  • Printer & pattern
  • Thick paper for cover
  • Thinner paper for journal pages
  • Papper cutter or scissors
  • Thick/upholstery thread
  • Sharp needle & thimble


  1. Print cover. Cut cover and filler sheets in half with scissors or paper cutter.
  2. Sew pages into book. I just jumped in and didn’t use an official stitch, but here are some great suggestions. I used something similar to page 3, “Half-back.”
DIY Photo Journal, Inside

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