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Android 101, Class 4

Instead of focusing on styling in yesterday’s class, we focused on the Java code to make the calculator work. We’ve moved the styling lab and material to today’s class. If you were having trouble with the calculator portion of the class – do not dispair! Download the latest code from the classroom example so you can follow along with the styling lab today.

If you haven’t finished last week’s homework, don’t be discouraged! Join us at project night! Also, I will be posting my finished application so you can see how I implemented the project.

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Configure Android Testing in IntelliJ 11

Had a heck of a time finding a tutorial on configuring Android instrumentation testing in IntelliJ. I tried the command line approach, but it was cumbersome and I’d rather have IDE integration. Finally I stumbled across this link which got me most of the way there. Some of the instructions are now automated in IntelliJ 11, so here’s an updated tutorial.

This tutorial assumes that you have installed the Android SDK, created an Android project, and simply want to add testing to it.

First, open project structure dialog by right clicking on project name or with the keyboard shortcut F4. Click the plus button and select “Module.”

IntelliJ Settings (Module) @coreylatislaw.com

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