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What’s Your Tech Origin Story?

When Women Stopped Coding is a (mostly) non-depressing look at what was happening in the 80’s and 90’s to contribute to the plummeting number of women in computer science. In particular, I hadn’t thought deeply about the emergence of computing have and have nots.

My parents didn’t buy a computer for the home. Luckily I had access to computers at my friend’s homes and was on the Internet pretty darn early via Tallahassee Freenet & BBSes in 1995. I went to nicer middle and high schools that had technology classes (though not programming, just typing). I often frequented the library to get online. I loved finally having 24-hour access to the computer lab in my dorm during my first year of college (1998).

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Configure Android Testing in IntelliJ 11

Had a heck of a time finding a tutorial on configuring Android instrumentation testing in IntelliJ. I tried the command line approach, but it was cumbersome and I’d rather have IDE integration. Finally I stumbled across this link which got me most of the way there. Some of the instructions are now automated in IntelliJ 11, so here’s an updated tutorial.

This tutorial assumes that you have installed the Android SDK, created an Android project, and simply want to add testing to it.

First, open project structure dialog by right clicking on project name or with the keyboard shortcut F4. Click the plus button and select “Module.”

IntelliJ Settings (Module) @coreylatislaw.com

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