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Viernes: Clase y Escuela Nueva

On Friday morning, Alex and I taught the teachers at 18 de Marzo how to use the latest version of the OS that we installed. We showed them how to access Khan Academy and offline Wikipedia and walked them through several applications, such as LibreOffice, educational games, and Scratch.

The original plan was for me to lead the class, but as Spanish is not my native language, Alex took the lead. I directed the material that we covered as well as lead the class from the computer by opening and demonstrating how to use different applications. We both played the role of TA by floating around the classroom to help the teachers when they got stuck.

Kids on Computers - Alex Teaching teachers in Mexico how to use various software. @coreylatislaw.com

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Beginning Android with IntelliJ

Welcome future Android developers!

I’m very excited about next week’s class! I’m a huge fan of Android and can’t wait to share my love with you all.

Please install all of the following before class begins. It takes a long time to install several of these tools, so it would be hard on the class bandwidth and will take a lot of time to get ready while the class is going on around you!

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Event Report: Android Alliance – May Meeting

The arrival of pizza around 6:00 sparked conversations among the 38 geeks in attendance as they mingled and served themselves. We continued informal networking until 6:30, which gave plenty of time for stragglers to arrive before the meeting proper. This worked well and I plan to follow a similar pattern for future meetings.

Meeting Slides

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Game Loop Philly Highlights

Although I don’t plan to start a career in game development, I attended the Game Loop Philly un-conference today. I thought I’d feel a little out of place, but I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of topics. Each session was applicable to either my work or personal life and I met a lot of great people! Here are the highlights from the sessions I attended today.

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