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Android 101: A Crash Course

Chariot Solutions, my new employer, has a nifty day of learning called Chariot Day. This Saturday, Charioteers will give 45 minute presentations on a broad spectrum of topics, including enterprise Java techniques, mobile, and Arduinos.

Originally I had planned to use it as practice for my Philly ETE talk, but instead I’m trying out material for my Skillshare class (which I can also use for my Android Girl Develop It class).

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Belated Event Report: Random Hacks of Kindness

I attended my first Random Hacks of Kindness event on June 4, 2011. I am very interested in the concept of hacking for the benefit of person-kind, but unfortunately I couldn’t commit to the entire weekend. I violated the spirit of the hackathon by mostly focusing on my own work tasks … but I did contribute my Python knowledge and project management skills. I worked on the reachability of Tor relays listed on the EFF’s relay challenge webpage. Watch the video roundup here.

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Event Report: Android Alliance – May Meeting

The arrival of pizza around 6:00 sparked conversations among the 38 geeks in attendance as they mingled and served themselves. We continued informal networking until 6:30, which gave plenty of time for stragglers to arrive before the meeting proper. This worked well and I plan to follow a similar pattern for future meetings.

Meeting Slides

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Game Loop Philly Highlights

Although I don’t plan to start a career in game development, I attended the Game Loop Philly un-conference today. I thought I’d feel a little out of place, but I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of topics. Each session was applicable to either my work or personal life and I met a lot of great people! Here are the highlights from the sessions I attended today.

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Event Report: Android Alliance Kick Off

The energy was palpable at the kick off of the Android Alliance at National Mechanics (the local geek bar) on Tuesday.  We had a good mix of developers, testers, designers, recruiters, and companies. Several local meetup leaders attended and we’re talking about partnerships for future events!

I expected a decent turnout, but was stunned by the 50+ in attendance! I was also impressed by the female:male ratio, it was a much closer reflection to industry (approximately 20%) than other meetups I’ve attended.

We’re off to a great start and I’m looking forward to the next event!

Did you attend? Who’d you meet?

How often would you like meetups like this? What kind of events would you like to see in the future?

Hello Philadelphia

Up until last year, I’ve always lived in the south and in the suburbs. In this now-foreign lifestyle, a car was a requirement. If you didn’t have one, you probably didn’t have a job. You drove everyday to work, shops, and even parks. Public transportation, bicycle paths, and safe sidewalks were non-existent. Conservation, recycling, and other green practices weren’t valued (and often mocked).

Love Park @coreylatislaw.com
Love Park Statue

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