AnDevCon San Francisco 2013

I’m back at the Android Developers Conference this week and learning about all things Android and networking with some of the best Android developers in this half of the world.

As I did in Boston, I’m giving a different spin on my fragments talk. I’ve designed a half-day workshop that walks you through two code examples, to give you a better sense for the how much easier it is to begin your project with fragments instead of retrofitting them later.


This workshop is geared for:

  • New developers to the Android platform who haven’t been heard of or experimented with fragments.
  • Established Android developers who haven’t yet taken the plunge to rework their app(s) with fragments.
  • Business decision makers who want a high level introduction to fragments, why they are important, and what is required to implement them in your app.If you are not interested in the coding exercises, you are more than welcome to stay through the first half.

The workshop will not delve deeply into the many gotchas you will find when fragmentizing your apps. This workshop is meant as a starting point, not to solve specific problems encountered in the wild.


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