Favorite Travel Moments

Presented chronologically, not by rank.

  • Picnicing over the Seine on the the Pont des Arts bridge with all the other Parisians at sundown.
  • Walking over the Charles Bridge into a medieval town (Prague).
  • Purposely getting lost in the side streets of Venice and enjoying the quiet while a gondola floats by.
  • Watching fresh oranges drop, drinking mint tea, and listening to the waves crash in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia.
  • Walking along the mideviel castle walls the encircle a sleepy modern town in Conwy, Wales.
  • Driving through the impossibly green hills of Ireland’s west coast and listening to music in dive bars in Dingle.
  • Soaking in the modern baths for hours in Bath, England and exploring the Roman ruins next door.
  • Journaling in the Plaza de Armas in Arequipa, PerĂș amid the hustle, yet still finding solace.
  • Arriving in the first bus load of tourists to Macchu Picchu to get the perfect shot. Later hiking Wanu Picchu in the rain and waiting an hour at the summit to glimpse the ruins through the clouds.
  • Finding a quiet corner in Recoletta Cemetery, Buenos Aires and drawing and/or taking photos of the ornate mausoleums and statues.
  • Seeing delighted children’s faces from getting access to the new computer lab we’d just installed in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Taking the overnight train to Kiruna, hiking up the ski slope, and glimpsing the Northern Lights (Sweden).
  • Snow falling on Red Square as the bells chime and the sun dips behind St. Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow).
  • Biking through the streets of Amsterdam and visiting FOAM, the photography museum, and the Anne Frank House.
  • Safaring through Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania and seeing lazy lions, majestic elephants, and countless other animals.
  • Visiting the slave markets of Zanzibar and later eating a fancy meal overlooking the city at sundown.
  • Biking around Berlin, seeing the sun rise at 3:30 am while out clubbing, and visiting the Berlin Wall.

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